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DORSA is operating in the lubricating systems market since 1970.
Owing to its know-how it is able to solve lubricating problems of any kind. We are organised to ensure a continuous technical support.

Dorsa plants are synonymous of skill and quality.

Our lubricating systems are manufactured to operate under a vast spectrum of conditions, event those severe ones.
They have been planned tooperate for specific purposes, thus reducing any waste.

We can supply automated lubrication systems for the following applications:

overhead conveyors (chains, pads bearings and directional, monorail or bi-rail)
machine-tools (cutting tools, threadings, tools cooling)
cold-workings of metallic sheets (drawing, shearing flanging, ...)
tailored solution design

Our products
Oil modulation lubrication system with electropumps with nozzles Air/oil modulation lubrication system with mini pumps working Air/oil modulation lubrication system with pulverizers