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Air/oil modulation lubrication system with nebulizers

The lubricating liquid is channelled through the nozzles by means of aspiration of compressed air coming from a tank. nebulizers are equipped with a non-return valve which ensures that the lubricating liquid is kept in the pipe. A nut allows to regulate the lubricating cone to adjust the spray diameter from 10 to 100 mm.. The tank should preferably be positioned under the nebulizers to run the plant at its best efficiency.

The plant normally requires compressed air at a pressure varying from 2,5 to 3,5 bar and it can work either continuously or discontinuously.

The lubricant that has to be used must have viscosity at mm˛/s < 320 a 40° C.

Description Model Image
Atomizer with spherical
Atomizer with threaded
Atomizer "Turbo" DNT

Appliances in stock

Description Model Image Description Code Image
Hinge D100 Pneumatic valve 338-955
Globe Bolt D101 Pneumatic valve 338-965
Bar with globe D102 Pneumatic valve 2283241
Globeblock D103 Pneumatic valve 2283221/1
Tank lt. 1,5 D1 Machine dispenser FLD
Tank lt. 3 D3 Machine dispenser FLD-S
Electromagnetic level drill SL155 Electro-valve 1/8 A 321-1E2
Pressure reducer RP4 Electro-valve 1/8 321 ME
Pneumatic valve 138-955P

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Assembling lubrication system

Scheme 212 Scheme 213/2+2 Scheme 213/4
Scheme 213 Scheme 213/2+2-S Scheme 213/4+2